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Compact FPSO for the North Sea
Inocean is executing engineering work on BW Carmen, which is planned for operation at the Athena field in the British sector of the North Sea.


In March 2010, BW Offshore signed a letter of intention for the FPSO BW Carmen with Ithaca Energy for work at the Athena field in the North Sea. In April, a team at Inocean was already at work determining if the vessel could be utilised as planned.

Hull lengthened

Central to the project is to understand the consequences of installing Submerged Turret Production (STP) delivered by APL on BW Carmen. This would lead to a lengthening of the hull by up to 15 to 20 per cent. The idea is to insert an extra section of over 15.6 meters with own weight of close to 300 tonnes.

Green seas

Inocean's engineers analyse and calculate, among other things, what extra loads the lengthening and upgrade will produce at specific points and to the entire hull, and whether reinforcements are necessary. Since BW Carmen is a small FPSO that will operate in a harsh weather environment, we also study the effects of green sea through calculations and model tests.